You Can Have Dental Sealants Applied to Prevent Cavities

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    As your child’s permanent teeth emerge from their gums, it’s natural and even expected for those teeth to have deep pits and fissures on the biting surfaces. Even though this makes their teeth more efficient at chewing and grinding hard foods, it can also act like a trap for residual food particles and plaque. This greatly increases the chances of having large cavities.

    Should your dentist, Dr. [doctor_name], notice plaque and food particles trapped in these areas, [heshe] might recommend taking advantage of dental sealants in [city], [state].

    Dental sealants are a durable, plastic resin that Dr. [doctor_name] paints onto the biting surfaces of your child’s molars and premolars. A special ultraviolet light is then used to harden the resin. Even if plaque and food particles get stuck on the biting surfaces, the sealants will prevent bacteria from having direct access to the healthy tooth enamel beneath.

    You should expect the dental sealants to last up to two years, and they won’t be worn away when your child brushes their teeth twice each day.

    If you are interested in dental sealants for your child, we invite you to call our experienced team in Parker, Colorado, at [phone] to schedule their next dental checkup with Dr. Holly Sletten. We are always ready to help your child achieve and maintain a healthy smile!

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