Is invisalign better than braces?

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    People with gaps in their teeth may be unhappy with the look it portrays. Although sometimes classed as trendy, having gaps between your teeth can cause oral health issues, such as misalignment of the jaw, difficulty chewing, and speech issues.

    With all these connected issues to your oral health, it’s only right that you find solutions to the gaps in your teeth. And because your smile is such a prominent feature on your face, you should find a solution that will not affect it too drastically.


    Introducing Invisalign

    One of the common questions patients ask is ” Is Invisalign better than braces ?”

    When it comes to the issue of teeth gaps, the first thing that comes to people’s mind are braces. Along with that,  is the thought of how bulky and unsightly braces can be. We also hear the many horror stories of how painful it is to actually wear metal wires inside your mouth, snagging at the soft tissues and gums, getting food stuck, and just generally hurting especially when it’s time to tighten for adjustments.

    A new player has been introduced to the market in the form of Invisalign. It’s clear, it’s removable, and it’s definitely effective. For those who are encountering this oral application just now, the big questions are, “Does Invisalign fix gaps?” and  “Is Invisalign better than braces?” The long and short of it is, yes.

    Benefits of Invisalign

    The foremost importance of wearing Invisalign is that it helps straighten your teeth and fix the gaps without the inconvenience that metal braces bring. Invisalign is made of patented thermoplastic also known as SmartTrack. It’s highly durable but also very flexible, making it an effective protection for the teeth while also being a very comfortable application at the same time.

    Invisalign helps you maintain your oral health even as you wear the aligners. Unlike metal braces, you can take off your Invisalign to eat or to brush your teeth. This means that you can chew your food properly, and you can also brush your teeth well to make sure there aren’t any food bits stuck that can lead to cavities. According to Parker Dentist Holly Sletten, being able to eat what you want, not just what you can, is a big benefit to clear aligners.

    Although you’ll need a consistent 22 hours a day wearing your Invisalign, at least you have a few hours to rest your mouth. Of course, it goes without saying, that you must adhere to the prescribed number of hours wearing Invisalign if you want it to be as effective as intended.

    With proper use by following the instructions of your dentist, you can expect that you will see the Invisalign before and after gap comparison showing impressive results.

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