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Did you know you can improve your physical health simply by caring for your teeth? A healthy smile is the first step to a healthier you. The more you strive to take care of your health and gums, the more your entire body will reap its benefits. Below are some tips to help you:

– Avoid chewing tobacco and smoking.
– Use an oral cleaning product after eating, to limit the damage of harmful acids.
– Brush your tongue, along with your teeth, to help prevent bad breath.
– Limit intake of bread, cereal, and chips, which speed up plaque formation.
– Avoid recreational drugs, which cause mouth dryness and promote tooth decay.
– Get regular check-ups at your dental office.
– Brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily.
– Eat nutritious and well-balanced meals from the five main food groups.
– Drink plenty of water, which can help with tooth decay.
– Limit between-meal snacks, which can increase tooth decay.

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